02 septembre 2010

In the plane 01/09-02/09


 I boarded the plane full of noisy Chineses and found my seat by an unpleasant fat man. He kept moving so I could not sleep.

I'll say no more of that annoying flight which had lasted 11 hours.

After running around in the whole Beijing's airport to catch my second flight (sorry dad, I didn't have the time to take pictures of the airport), I sat by a charming Japanese woman who immediatly talked to me. She gave me some good addresses of ramen restaurants and taught me some new japanese words. Suddenly, I felt someone was poking me, I looked, and saw a girl smiling at me saying 'INALCO?'. Yeah, the two girls behind my seat were at my university, in the same year...

We spend an agreable time though it was very long!

After some other adventures, I finally reached my youth hostel, sweating, where I had to choose between taking a japanese style bath with 6 or 7 Japanese girls or getting some more privacy in a shower where you had to pay 100 yens each 5 minutes...


Anyway, je suis bien arrivée et contente!

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    It's cool to know the flight is done well. Great too that you met this Japanese woman who can learn you new things ! So explore a lot Dora (so easy, sorry ^^) and enjoy yourself !

    PS : if you're so happy, please smile on next pics XD

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