05 septembre 2010

原宿 - Harajuku - Takeshita street


Today, I've been to Harajuku, in the Takeshita street.

As all Sundays afternoon in that street, it was crowed. That street is the meeting point of every young people to have fun and do shopping, it's cheap and very fashion.

It had been hard to resist to buy everything... I've spent more money I should have but it doesn't matter.

Actually, I didn't enjoyed it, it was so crowed, hot and noisy that I scarcely bear it!

I enjoyed the crepe I had there though!

I wanted to see the Todo no mori no nomi no ichi, a flea market near to Takeshita st but it ended last year and I didn't find the restaurants where my friend told me to go so...

Except for the good clothes I bought, that day wasn't really interesting...

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